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Triton Unit

Purchase per swimmer OR one for each swimmer to be tracked at the same time. (I.E. 40 swimmers to track , but only 20 at the same time, buy 20 Triton Units).

$299 Per Unit
$15 Per Month Per Unit

Triton Connect

Connect up to 50 swimmers to each iPad on deck with just ONE. Purchase more to support remote training, or multiple coaches tracking specific groups all at once.

$299 Per Unit
$299 Per Unit
Orders of 10 or more Triton Units receive a FREE Triton Connect!

All prices are in USD.

Choosing to Buy or Lease

Buying is a larger initial investment, however it costs less over time with no minimum commitment. There is a standard 1 year manufacturers warranty, and hardware upgrades will be at full retail value.

Leasing keeps the initial investment down, but costs more over time, and requires a minimum 2 year commitment. However, equal monthly payments make offsetting the cost to the swimmer or parent easier, eliminating carrying costs, and you can rest easy with a contract lifetime warranty, and reduced upgrade fees when the time comes.

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Pay Monthly


  • Basic Metrics
  • Access to TritonWear Live
  • Access to TritonWear Insights
  • Access to Injury Prevention tools
$5 Per Month
$54 Per Year


All the features of Bronze, Plus:

  • Distance Per Stroke
  • Stroke Rate
  • Athlete Comparison
  • Set Comparison
$15 Per Month
$162 Per Year


Most Popular

All the features of Silver, Plus:

  • Time Underwater
  • Breath Count
  • Push Off Strength
  • Turn Time
  • Stroke Index
  • Excel/CSV Export
  • Access to Motion Analysis
$25 Per Month
$270 Per Year
Save 10% by Paying Annually
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