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It’s time to get faster.
Tired of the constant struggle to hit your next PB?
Wish you knew why you weren't getting any faster?
Fed up with the grind and feeling lost in your training?
TritonWear shows swimmers their strengths and weaknesses, then provides the direction needed to get faster.
#1 Track your Training

Meet the all-new TritonWear

The sleek wearable device tucks under your cap and records your workout as you swim. You remain focused on training in the moment while TritonWear captures the intel you need to swim faster.

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#2 Diagnose Weaknesses

Intentional Improvements

We've taken the guesswork out of training, now every lap helps you improve. Let your metrics guide you to the podium, by showing you where to focus for the fastest improvements.

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#3 Master Progress

Act on Insights and Win!

Knowing where to focus enables you to set goals, but TritonWear actually tracks those goals too, helping you stay motivated, informed and healthier, so you can improve faster.

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I can hardly believe the speed of improvements, just from marrying acceleration data with video.

sean callan
Sean Callan
Trident Aquatics

It's more than just an extra coach, it's like having a personal coach for every athlete.

jeremy organ
Jeremy Organ
Vanderbilt University

TritonWear allows my swimmer's and I to iterate constantly based on visual data.

tracey menzies
Tracey Menzies
Swimming Australia

TritonWear Athletes See Results

Club swimmers improve 40% more with TritonWear.

Most athletes train at 20-30% risk of injury. TritonWear keeps you below 5%

NCAA Swimmers perform 17% better with TritonWear

The TritonWear System

Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement

Access critical insights including benchmarking against yourself and peers, to gain a competitive edge

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Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Receive alerts before injury strikes, to avoid costly recovery time

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Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis

Combine video and acceleration data to isolate the technical weaknesses draining your speed

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