88,040 hours using TritonWear

30,687 workouts

69,856,640 meters swam

Improving the way athletes train, through the power of data

Collect & track a suite of metrics for each outfitted athlete simultaneously

Display the data using clear visual graphs, on connected screens, in real-time

Recall workouts and compare activity over time

Pinpoint weaknesses to improve performance,
& monitor training load to keep athletes healthy

Keep your athletes engaged

Gain a deeper understanding

Using the platform daily enables you to establish a benchmark for each metric, identify a poor practice through a dip, and a breakthrough in a peak.

Clear visual graphs quickly identify technique trends, such as short fast or long strong strokes, which can be used to implement the best training strategy for each individual.

Personalized, unbiased feedback

Increase athlete awareness

Reviewing trends over time allows athletes to see how effort outputs during practice directly impacts competition performance, driving them to be more accountable to training hard every day.

Reviewing results independently enables athletes to bring feedback to practice, providing an opportunity to build deeper relationships, while educating them on the mechanics of performance.

Let us do the tracking

Reduce athlete burnout

Projecting metrics in real time increases competitive banter, and allows athletes to identify and celebrate small wins between the big milestones, keeping training engaging when it matters most.

This helps athletes avoid losing sight of end goals and burning out, making recruiting about growth rather than managing turnover, due to stagnation or falling out of love with the sport.

Hear from our customers

Balazs Bocska

Vasas Swim Club

“Gain 10 years of experience in just 1 year using this product.”

Jeremy Organ

Vanderbilt University

“It’s more than just an extra coach, it’s like having a personal coach for every athlete.”

Ben Titley

Swimming Canada

“Using this data to make athletes more efficient will not only educate them, but ultimately make them faster.”

Global Customers

Trusted by hundreds of coaches globally.

  • National Teams

  • Swiss Swimming

  • France Swimming

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  • Brazil Swimming

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  • University / NCAA

  • Arizona State University

  • Drury Swimming & Diving

  • UWaterloo Warriors

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  • University of Guelph

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  • Metroplex Aquatics

  • Trident Aquatics

  • Cobra Swim Club

  • Poseidon Swimming

  • Mississauga Swimming

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