Swimming faster shouldn’t be a guessing game.

Know exactly what it takes to improve with the completely

Re-Imagined TritonWear.

Training is a grind – but it doesn’t have to be. With the new TritonWear, swimmers and coaches gain the intel they need to swim faster, without all the guesswork.

Meet the all-new Triton 2 hardware

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Improvements over Triton 1

60% smaller
70% lighter
4X longer battery life
Compatible with any mobile device
Connect multiple Tritons directly
Magnetic charging
New and improved sensors increase accuracy
Reimagined application
Powerful AI tools highlight areas for focus
The Iterative Training Process
The Iterative Training Process


Training harder doesn't always result in getting faster in the water. Improving requires an iterative process of analyzing data to find weaknesses, setting goals to improve, then monitoring progress toward them - but who has time for that.

The new TritonWear delivers this process with zero effort on your part, in a beautiful new experience on any device, anywhere in the world. Here's how:

1. Track Training

Capture and stream real-time data to any mobile device on deck.

Access critical training insights in the moment, to gain a competitive edge.

It’s super easy to use, just turn it on and toss it under your cap.
The small, comfortable Triton 2 utilizes AI-based algorithms to capture data with industry-leading accuracy, simply based on the motion of your head.
Capture the metrics that matter in real time, for all athletes, every day
Accessing 13 data points after each lap helps build and maintain proper skills and efficiency. Showcasing these on a big screen for up to 50 athletes per iPad at once fosters healthy competition.
See how workouts are really swam, with automated workout building
Workouts are automatically recorded as each lap, rep and set is completed; eliminating logs, and ensuring athletes are successfully executing the workout as prescribed.

2. Diagnose Weaknesses

Take the guesswork out of training

Artificial Intelligence analyzes you against similar athlete’s, providing the intel needed to improve.

Simply Track all workouts, everyday
Simply wear your Triton 2 every time you train in the pool, and log any other kind of workout for even greater insight!
Let TritonWear quantify your weaknesses
TritonWear automatically analyzes your data against thousands of athletes around the world, to highlight exactly where your swimming holds you back.
Get notified about what you do well, where you can improve, & more
Automatic notifications remind you where to focus to improve faster, and helps manage your injury risk with over or under training alerts

3. Master Progress

Accelerate Athlete Skill Development

Automatic performance progressions, paired with Motion Analysis, to keep athletes on track.

Automatically see how each of your skills are developing over time
No matter what training style you swim (high volume, USRPT, etc.) TritonWear charts you’re skill progressions into beautiful dashboards & reports
Set goals to improve each skill independently
With a clear path to improvement and intentional goals based on data, it’s easy to focus on the right skills to swim faster, every day.
Combine video analysis with motion data, to improve even faster
Eliminate the need for complicated video equipment, and iterate technique changes in the moment, to immediately impact technique execution.

Trusted as the global leader, by thousands of athletes, hundreds of clubs and dozens of National Federations. Now accessible to everyone.

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“Because of TritonWear, I have mastered how I swim fastest, and how to perfect my technique. There is no better device.”

Will Kainen
Upper Valley Aquatic Club swimmer, USA

“To be able to track my progress is extremely helpful for me to get that edge over my opponents.”

Kylie Masse
Canadian Olympic Champion and World Record Holder

“My swimmers and I now rely on TritonWear for the insight we need to get faster. ”

Alain Bernard
4x Olympic Medalist turned coach, France

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