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Tokyo Race Analysis

Explore the most exciting swimming races from Tokyo, brought to you by TritonWear

TritonWear Race Analysis

What's in the secret sauce?

We love data (likely more than we should), so we set out to explore the world's best races through the TritonWear lens.
This is not your average race analysis! It uses the same process that trains our algorithm to capture most metrics (some are only available by wearing a Triton 2 as you swim). Then our algorithm ranks each athlete's performance per metric for each lap of the race. The result is this interactive view that lets you explore the data in a totally new way.

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Then explore every detail of each swimmer's TritonWear data. 

icon-square-butterfly-1-1 100m Fly Men's Final
icon-square-freestyle 200m Free Women's Final
icon-square-freestyle 100m Free Men's Final
icon-square-backstroke (1) 100m Back Women's Final
icon-square-butterfly-1 100m Fly Women's Final
icon-square-breaststroke-1 100m Breast Women's Final
icon-square-breaststroke-1 100m Breast Men's Final
icon-square-freestyle 100m Free Women's Final

Want this data for your own swimming?

Great news, TritonWear is more than just race analysis. It's a wearable and app that teaches you how to train well, every day!

Here's a quick look at how it all works: 

Olympics LP carousel images (2)
Olympics LP carousel images (1)
Olympics LP carousel images (3)
Olympics LP carousel images (5)

Observe The details that matter most

The sleek Triton 2 captures 30+ data points for every lap, with industry-leading accuracy. The intuitive app filters out the noise of too much data so you can focus where it matters. You decide how deep to dive into details from anywhere, on any device.

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Discover Personalized insights

TritonWear builds a personalized profile for you from your tracked swimming, learning to filter out non-typical training like drills and race pace. Your Triton Score, delivered after each workout, highlights your overall readiness to train, skill execution, and workout intensity. 

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Adjust Training to redefine your limits

With each Triton Score comes personalized recommendations for Readiness, Focus, and Intensity. Set smart goals based on this feedback, then test and iterate techniques to achieve each milestone. 

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Just having the tools isn't enough to truly shine in the pool. You need a simple, repeatable process to actually improve. So we built one that helps both coaches and athletes alike be at their very best on deck. 

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Ready to Redefine Your Limits?

See first hand how TritonWear will help you move from feeling the water to knowing yourself in it. 

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Don't take our word for it.
Hear it from our customers!

KYLIE MASSE 2-Time World Champion, Canada

To be able to track my progress is extremely helpful for me to get that edge over my competitors.

JOHN ATKINSON High Performance Director of Swimming Canada

TritonWear has enabled our team to not only visualize our challenges, but identify how to overcome them, it has been instrumental to our progress towards our 2021 goals.

HEIKO FIKENZER SV Neptun 28 Recklinghausen, Germany

It is nice that every swimmer now carries his personal assistant trainer with him. With TritonWear we hope to improve the quality in training.


Your product is OUTSTANDING. Absolutely what you advertised. This is the best ive seen from a swimming specific company. Our entire team will be purchasing these.

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