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“I can hardly believe the speed of improvements, just from marrying acceleration data with video.”

sean callan
Sean Callan
Trident Aquatics

It's more than just an extra coach, it's like having a personal coach for every athlete.

jeremy organ
Jeremy Organ
Vanderbilt University

TritonWear allows my swimmer's and I to iterate constantly based on visual data.

tracey menzies
Tracey Menzies
Swimming Australia

TritonWear for The Swimmer

Swimmers use TritonWear to understand the sport more completely and improve their training, by identifying their own weaknesses and reducing their injury risk to ultimately get faster.

Benefits include:

  • More 1:1 time with coaches
  • Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses
  • Asking the right questions for better feedback
  • Having a clearer path towards PB's
  • Analyzing the impact of technique changes
  • Getting noticed by recruiters to win scholarships
Balaz Bocska
Vasas Swim Club

"Gain 10 years of experience in just 1 year using this product."

How it Works

TritonWear for Coaches

Coaches use TritonWear to gain visibility into all aspects of training, for every athlete, so they can provide precise feedback, reduce injuries, and help athletes tackle weaknesses, to win more races.

Benefits include:

  • Access to elite sports science tools, every day
  • A history of how sets are actually swam
  • Having more time to focus on technique
  • Data for collaborating with other coaches
  • Quickly find and address hidden obstacles
  • Get & keep athletes engaged in the sport



Jeremy Organ
Vanderbilt University

"There has been a trend toward increased athlete engagement since the team has incorporated TritonWear in its program."

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TritonWear for Parents

Parents use TritonWear for visibility into their swimmer’s training progress, enabling a deeper understanding of their child’s passion.

Benefits include:

  • Attendance monitoring
  • Automated progress tracking
  • Exportable Data for Recruiters
  • Prediction and prevention of injuries
  • Have deeper conversations with coaches
  • Promote attention to detail & accountability

TritonWear for Team Managers

Managers use TritonWear to build stronger athlete capabilities, help attract new talent and donors to the team, and reduce athlete turnover

Benefits include:

  • Better performance metrics
  • Visuals & graphs to showcase improvement
  • Increase athlete retention over time
  • A better training strategy

TritonWear Athletes See Results

Club swimmers improve 40% more with TritonWear

Most athletes train at 20-30% risk of injury. TritonWear keeps you below 5%

NCAA Swimmers perform 17% better with TritonWear

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