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Here's what makes TritonWear the most groundbreaking system swimming has ever seen

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If You Train Well, You'll Get Faster


But how can you be sure you're training well?



With the FIT philosophy and 


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Step 1: Observe Your Training Details

Real-time swim tracking along with your Triton Score puts the world's most comprehensive and easy-to-use training system right in the palm of your hands.

Measuring good training starts with accurate data collection, every practice. TritonWear effortlessly captures every second of your training. Then presents the details that matter so you can dive in for a competitive edge.

Access the data that matters in real time
With 30+ data points for each lap, TritonWear is building a database of your training right in front of your eyes.
Observe how activities are really swam
Activities build in the app as your Triton 2 unit captures each lap, rep, and set ending. If you notice a few missing details, it's OK, we only show you data that captures perfectly, but we analyze every single detail to provide the actionable insights you need to improve.
See as much or as little as you want, every time
Both during live training and reviewing after practice, we have the view you need. From a single data point for dozens of swimmers at once to every minute detail for a single person.
Explore your Activities to see how well you trained
Every activity, whether recorded or entered manually is summarized in your activity feed (home screen). Your Triton Score reflects how well you trained. Tap Readiness, Focus, or Intensity to see how they break down. And swipe right to see how much of each stroke type you swam.
Dive deeper for all the details
Want to dissect an activity lap-for-lap and review your journal notes? No Problem. Tap through from your activities feed to see every glorious, or cringe-worthy, detail.

Step 2: Discover Your Path to Improve

Let TritonWear guide you to keep your body training in the safe zone. Improve the right skills and train at the right intensity to become a faster swimmer.

Training recommendations guide you to improve the right skills in the right order, go hard and rest at the right ratios, and redefine your limits. Trust the process knowing TritonWear analyzes your data against the most comprehensive swimming database in the world.

Monitor your Readiness to keep your body safe
When your training load changes too much or too frequently your body is less resilient against injury and illness. Your Readiness Score looks at your Load for each activity compared to your average over the last 7 and 28 days. Ranking your RPE for every activity, both in and out of the water, enables TritonWear to predict your Safety Status and Injury Risk and keep you training healthy.
Make safe training changes with Readiness Recommendations
Receive target load and change recommendations, complete with distance and intensity targets, to ensure you always stay within your safe zone.
See how you executed with focus
Your Focus Score breaks down by stroke type. Explore your skills compared to yourself over time or people like you. Learn where you execute well, and what holds you back. TritonWear analyzes every length you swim to create a graph of your skill changes over time. Get to know your trends and recommendations to stay or get back on track.
Dive deeper to focus on what matters most
Explore your Overwater, Underwater, and Transition score for each stroke type. Then expand to show 30+ metrics so you can pinpoint exactly which skill to work on. Don't want sweat the details? No problem, Use your recommendations to set SMART goals, then focus on those specific skills to improve.
Know when to push harder with intensity scores
Your Intensity Score looks at you how long you trained, how much you rested, and how fast you went each lap. It compares each activity to your typical training to create a meaningful score. The Intensity Per Lap graph highlights where you worked hard, and where you could have pushed a bit more.
Learn what impacts your intensity
An Intensity Score per stroke type (including kick) shows how each impacts your training. You can increase or reduce the intensity of future activities by changing the strokes you swim. Different types of training will impact you in different ways. So as you move through different phases of the season, you'll see how your intensity changes.

Step 3: Adjust Your Habits And Skills

Accelerate athlete skill development with stats, goals and insights like never before.

A profile consolidating all your high-level analytics, tools to visualize your progress, and content to help you improve. Eliminate the trial and error approach and make immediate, precise, and easily understood technique changes to swim faster.

Gain Invaluable Insights From Readiness Over Time
Accessing 13 data points after each lap helps build and maintain proper skills and efficiency. Showcasing these on a big screen for up to 50 athletes per iPad at once fosters healthy competition.
Track execution consistency with Focus Over Time
Seeing your Focus Scores on a timeline graph helps you understand how external factors impact your ability to train well. Keeping track of this allows you to take control of those factors, train more consistently, and swim faster.
Be sure you put in the right effort, with Intensity Over Time
The key to effective training is a decent amount of fluctuation in your intensity from workout to workout. Having this view of your workouts over time allows you to see if you are fluctuating your intensity enough, and also ensure you are hitting the right training zone each workout.
Learn how to actually change your technique
Use our knowledge hub to find the right mix of elements to improve in the areas you've discovered need attention.


Dive into Team Specific Features

A team may be friends sharing workouts, a Federation overseeing an entire nation, or anything between. No matter the structure, teams are integral to becoming a better swimmer.

Join as many or few TritonWear teams as you like, and control what you see and share.

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