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Here's what makes TritonWear the most groundbreaking system competitive swimming has ever seen

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Performance Measurement

Real-time and long-term tracking, to help you lead the fast lane.

Access critical training insights, including benchmarking against pros and peers, to gain a competitive edge.

Capture the metrics that matter in real time, for all athletes, every day
Accessing 13 data points after each lap helps build and maintain proper skills and efficiency. Showcasing these on a big screen for up to 50 athletes per iPad at once fosters healthy competition.
See how workouts are really swam, with automated workout building
Workouts are automatically recorded as each lap, rep and set is completed; eliminating logs, and ensuring athletes are successfully executing the workout as prescribed.
Celebrate training progress, in all its wonderful forms
Comparing similar reps and sets over time can reveal positive training trends to celebrate even in the absence of PBs.
Keep all training and competition data in one place, with zero effort
Through built in competition results integrations, TritonWear will capture and record all sanctioned race results, and PBs, so you don’t have to.
Gain a clear view of your competitive position
Be confident in your standing among peers, and and even world champions, by comparing your performance to athletes near and far.

Injury Prevention

Keep training injury risk below 5%, through automated load monitoring

Track training volumes & intensity with TritonWear to monitor load changes over time, receive injury risk alerts, and utilize target load recommendations to stay in the safe zone!

Effortlessly Track Training & Intensity
Wear TritonWear every workout to track total volume, then rate intensity with 1 click after each session
Capture Activity For At Least 30 Days
TritonWear will automatically generate a clear picture of what your typical training looks like, to help prevent future injuries
Receive Over or Under Training Alerts
Once typical training is established, TritonWear sends alerts if load changes too quickly in either direction
Use Load Recommendations to Make Safe Load Changes
Each compliant athlete receives a target load for the upcoming week, complete with distance and intensity targets, to ensure seasonal load changes stay within the safe zone

Motion Analysis

Accelerate Athlete Skill Development

Eliminate complicated video equipment, misinterpreted feedback, and focus your trial and error approach, to make immediate, precise, and easily understood technique changes.

Record Video right on your iPad
Record an athlete performing any skill while wearing a Triton unit. Immediately record another while the first video syncs with it's data in the background
Review motion data with recorded video
Within seconds of recording, access your video, paired with the acceleration profile, to see exactly where speed is gained and lost
Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to maximize acceleration
Utilize frame by frame video, and acceleration profile, to identify precise motions contributing to speed loss
Test specific technique changes to quickly perfect performance
Use acceleration profiles and frame by frame video as a visual aid to articulate precise motion adjustments, then record another video to confirm the change had the intended impact

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