What it Costs

Swimmer Profiles

While you can share Triton units across athletes, each swimmer requires their own profile. This allows you to keep each athlete's data separate for tracking progress long term. Profiles range from $5 - $25 per month.

One of our representatives will be happy to help you decide which profile level is right for each athlete on your team.

MONITOR Best for athletes looking to monitor progress & begin learning about performance.

$5 per month per athlete

IMPROVE Best for athletes looking for specific improvements in stroke efficiency.

$15 per month per athlete

EXCEL Best for athletes looking to excel in all aspects of the sport.

$25 per month per athlete


Stroke Type Detection

Dive Start Support



Pace Time

Stroke Count


Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

Stroke Rate

Time Underwater

Breath Count

Push-off Strength

Turn Time

Stroke Index

TritonWear Live

Real-time feedback for all athletes

Automatic workout building

Multiple tile views with athlete grouping

Customizable unit of measure

Customizable pool distance

Cloud backup

Customizable metrics order

In-app chat with support

Access to previous 7 days workouts

Create up to 10 unique groups

Customizable multi-tile layout display

Specify tile metrics for all or per athlete

Use emojis to react to sets

Multi-tablet support

TritonWear Insights

Review personal workout results

Automatic personal best updates

Automatic Recent competition updates

Access Pro Athlete race data

Compare yourself with Pro Athletes

Follow your favorite Pro Athletes

Filter and sort data by date, stroke, pool length, rep distance, reaction or tag

Use emojis to react to sets

Search by user, tag or Pro Athlete

Manage profile & notification settings

Create and manage tags

In-app chat with support

Toggle between your teams

Customizable metrics order

Customizable unit of measure

Create and Manage Groups*

Manage teams and devices*

Purchase additional profiles or devices*

Set Comparison

Athlete Comparison

Excel / CSV Export

TritonWear Devices

You need one TritonWear unit for every swimmer you want to track simultaneously. So if you have a 100 swimmer club, but only ever have 20 swimmers in the water at once, you only need 20 Triton units!

TritonWear device wet

The Triton unit

A small device which each athlete tucks under their cap to automatically collect metrics from each workout.

Triton units start at $299 or $15/month, depending on your specific needs.

TritonWear connect

The Triton Connect

The Triton Connect is the communication hub between your Triton units and your tablet in real time on deck.

The Connect is $299 to purchase, but is included with any combination of 10 or more Triton Units and profiles purchased at the same time.

Find out what it will cost to get your team up and running on TritonWear.

General Purchasing Questions

Is there a setup fee?

Nope! You only pay for your devices and swimmer profiles.

How do I buy?

  1. One of our representatives we schedule a demo to show you how it works first hand, an answer any questions you may have.
  2. We will ask about your team to prepare a personalized quote, based on your unique needs.
  3. After payment is received, we will set up your profiles and ship your devices.
  4. One of our Account Managers will work closely with you through the first couple months, to ensure you get the most from your TritonWear experience.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We do – Each order is personalized to fit your unique team needs. Contact one of our representatives at sales@tritonwear.com to see what your team qualifies for.

What if I need help?

As part of the TritonWear family, we consider you part of the team, so we are here for to support you, and learn from you.

Your Account Manager is your best resource, he or she will answer any questions and take your valuable feedback on the system to help us continue to improve your experience.