A Voice for the Sport: The 10 Most Impactful People of 2017

Dec 10, 2017

Our sport is graced with great people. Some are public figures, others work behind the scenes. As appropriate for this time of year, Swimming World recognizes 10 people...

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Swimming Canada Looks To Improve Relay Times With TritonWear

Oct 27, 2017

With the hope of reaching relay improvement at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Canadian swim team has announced a partnership with TritonWear, a Toronto-based sports...

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Two Canadian Startups Land a Spot at Google Demo Day

May 31, 2017

Two Canadian startups have landed a spot at Google Demo Day: Waterloo-based TritonWear, which developed a wearable device that computes over a dozen key metrics to improve...

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Communitech Rev Demo Day Splits $100,000 Between Tritonwear and Ssimwave

May 14, 2017

Technology that aims to help athletes improve through big data, and software that improves the end-user visual experience of video shared $100,000 in prize money at the latest...

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FINA Gains Two New Sponsors

Dec 3, 2016

The swimwear company TritonWear was also recently announced as an official sponsor of the 4th FINA World Aquatic Convention...

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TritonWear' Analyzes Every Aspect of Swimmers Performances

Nov 23, 2016

TritonWear' is a piece of performance analytics designed to help competitive swimmers maximize their efficiency and speed. The device delivers live data to the TritonWear app...

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TritonWear tech provides real-time tracking for competitive swimmers

Nov 22, 2016

Competitive swimmers are looking to improve their performance with a new piece of tech from TritonWear. This new piece of wearable tech analyzes nearly every aspect of their...

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Chagger Sees How TritonWear Technology is Making a Splash

Nov 10, 2016

Bardish Chagger attended a demonstration of TritonWear technology – a wearable device that is making Canadian swimmers more competitive by providing state-of-the-art training...

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UW alumni startups bringing tech to your body

Oct 12, 2016

Fashion isn’t just about looks — function plays a role, too. And some of UW Velocity’s alumni are at the cutting edge of wearable technology tailored to solve specific problems...

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Canada’s 20 Most Innovative Technology Companies

Oct 5, 2016

Today, the Canadian Innovation Exchange announced the 2016 roster of 20 innovative technology companies that have been inducted into the annual CIX Top 20 program...

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Camp Accelerator Brings 10 Canadian Companies to Beijing to Scale Internationally

Sep 29, 2016

While many early stage companies in Canada tend to focus on growing within a familiar North American market, according to many members of the startup community, looking...

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TritonWear to Change How Athletes and Coaches Prepare for Next Olympics

Aug 26, 2016

TritonWear is changing the way swimmers train by providing their coaches with real-time metrics and analysis including stroke rate, turn time, and split times. The Toronto-based...

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10 of the hottest startups to watch in Waterloo, Canada

Nov 25, 2015

The little city that could, Waterloo is making tech-savvy hipsters check themselves before they wreck themselves. A tech-saturated Canadian city that’s boasting the densest startup...

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UW’s Velocity Foundry forges new future for hardware startups

Sep 13, 2014

Tristan Lehari and Darius Gai are working on a prototype of their wearable technology — high-tech goggles that measure a competitive swimmer's performance — while politicians,...

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