How it works

TritonWear consists of a Triton unit, Triton Connect, and two applications.

The Triton unit is a sleek wearable device which either attaches to google straps, or tucks easily under an athlete’s cap to collect data during a workout. The Triton Connect then communicates the data to the applications.

TritonWear Live is the iPad application used on deck to see data in real-time. While TritonWear Insights is the online application used to access data trends and progress over time.

Check out some of the key features for each of these tools below.

TritonWear Metrics

Stroke Type

Identifies the type of stroke, including Fly, Back, Breast, Free, IM or Mixed Strokes.


Captured based on start, turn, and end swim characteristics. Used as an indicator of reps or sets for buildouts.


Speed is the average speed over the course of the length. Calculation is pool length divided by split time.

Pace Time

The time from the start of the previous rep to the start of the current rep, rounded to nearest 0.05 seconds.

Stroke Count

The number of strokes per length. Counts each hand entry for Free/Back, and complete recovery for Fly/Breast.


An abbreviation for “Swim Golf”, which measures Split Time (in seconds) + Strokes. Lower score = more efficient.

Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

The distance travelled per stroke (or stroke-cycle), averaged from all strokes in the length after breakout.

Stroke Rate

Measures duration of a single stroke cycle (2 strokes-free/back, 1-fly/breast), averaged across all cycles in a length.

Time Underwater

The amount of time between pushing off the wall and breaking out before the first stroke. Only for Gold profiles.

Breath Count

The number of breaths per length, captured by head position. Side to side for Free, and forward for breast/fly.

Push Off Strength

A value indicating velocity as the feet leave the wall. Promotes consistent pressure, push, and good streamline.

Turn Time

The time from start to end of a turn. Calculated from touch to push-off for open/bucket; head drop to push -off for flip turns.

Stroke Index

Indicates overall efficiency of a stroke. Measured as Speed x DPS x Cycle Multiplier (1 - Fly/Breast, 2 - Free/back).

Triton Device Features

TritonWear device with googles
TritonWear Units

Scalable training

50+ units can send data simultaneously to each connected tablet.

Arrow in bullseye

Accurate Data

The TritonWear algorithm is constantly updated to consider how athletes are actually training, based continuous validation from our data collection system, during client workouts.

Works offline

No internet connection? No problem. Simply use the system during practice or a meet, and the data will sync the next time the tablet connects to wifi.

wearing the TritonWear device

Easy and comfortable

The unit can either attached to a athlete’s goggles, or tuck easily under their cap. Most athletes don’t even feel it once it is properly in place.

Handing out TritonWear unit

Share units across athletes

Athletes that aren’t in the pool together can share units, requiring less of an investment for team with mulitple groups who swim separately.


Train all day

On a full charge, each unit can last an entire day in use. Great for long days or competitions!

TritonWear Live Features

TritonWear live feedback tiles
Track multiple users at the same time

Simultaneous tracking

Track the entire team simultaneously on the app, each athlete's information updates in real-time during the workout, on all connected screens.

Time for the weekly test set

Simple, powerful interface

Detailed metrics for every length are displayed in a simple yet powerful interface, enabling personalized decision making during practice.

Example of suggested workout

Automatic workout builds

Workouts are built automatically based on the strokes and pace times swam by each athlete, with no input required.

Separate team members into different training groups

Training Groups

Coaches can group athletes according to the way the team practices, to display metrics from like athletes together.

Multiple user access

More hands on deck

Multiple coaches can use the system simultaneously, viewing their specific athletes and groups.

Multiple tile view options

View details for every athlete and length in 1 of 3 layouts, to either maximize number of swimmers, or number of metrics.

Dive deeper into swimmer metrics

Dive into the data

Drill down and compare metrics how you are comfortable - view a single metric on a set level, or dive deeper overlaying 2 metrics on a per-lap level.

Thumbs up logo

Instant feedback

Use the built in emojis to react to sets, an interactive way to provide encouragement, or poke a little fun at a lack-luster practice.

TritonWear Insights Features

TritonWear online metrics tracking overview
Cloud sync image

Synced workouts

When you upload a workout from your tablet, it's automatically synced with each swimmers' online profile.

Goal marked off on calendar

Stay on track towards goals

Easily track progress over time to see if swimmers are improving, and why. Are they simply getting faster, or also more efficient?

Metrics tracking and comparison

Easy test set reporting

Overlay sets against each other to show if a swimmer is getting faster. Is their speed increasing and their stroke count staying the same or decreasing? Are they turning faster and staying underwater longer?

Boy standing next to athletic hero

Learn from the pros

Compare athletes on your team against each other or against pro athletes from around the world to see how they stack up and where they can improve.

First place trophy

Competition Logs

Automatically pull in athletes' competition logs to connect competition results to training.

Facebook and Twitter Icons

Social Sharing

Brag about your workout results to your friends with social sharing

Image of stopwatch

Personal Bests

Keep track of your personal bests so you can celebrate when you hit a new one!