Triton Devices

Scalable training

50+ units can send data simultaneously to a coach’s tablet

Accurate Data

The data is validated against tens of thousands of swims.

Works offline

No internet connection needed to use the system. Workouts sync once you get back online.

Easy and comfortable

The unit straps onto a swimmer’s goggles or under their cap. Athletes don’t feel it once they put it on.

Share units across athletes

Athletes that aren’t in the pool together can share units, saving you from buying as many units

Train all day

On a full charge, each unit can last an entire day in use. Great for long days or competitions!

Metrics Collected

Stroke Type

Pace Time

Time Underwater


Distance Per Stroke (DPS)

Breath Count


Stroke Rate

Push-Off Strength

Stroke Count

Stroke Index (Efficiency)

Turn Time

See full tech specs of the Triton devices here.

TritonWear Live

Simultaneous tracking

The mobile app allows you to track your entire team simultaneously. On the app, each swimmer's information constantly updates during the workout.

Simple, powerful interface

Detailed metrics for every length are displayed with clear, powerful visuals that allows you to give fast, personalized feedback to each athlete.

Automatic workout building

Workouts are built automatically with no previous input required from you - we simply build what they swim.

Training Groups

Group athletes however works best for you to give you quick insights into how each group is performing in practice.

More hands on deck

Multiple coaches can use the system simultaneously with their own tablet, making feedback more personalized for each group and each athlete.

In-depth data

Visual insights and detailed metrics for every athlete and length so you don’t miss a thing.

Dive into the data

Drill down as deep as you need to - see high level data at a set level, or dive down to every length when necessary.

Instant feedback

React to sets to give encouragement to your athletes, and tag sets for future analysis.

Display on a TV or Projector

Give real-time, visual feedback to your athletes by displaying the data on a big screen to help keep them engaged and accountable.

TritonWear Insights

Synced workouts

When you upload a workout from your tablet, it's automatically synced with each swimmers' online profile.

Stay on track towards goals

Easily track progress over time to see if swimmers are improving, and why. Are they on track towards their seasonal goals? If not, change things up!

Easy test set reporting

Overlay sets against each other to show if a swimmer is getting faster and how. Is their speed increasing while maintaining stroke count? Are they turning faster and staying underwater longer?

Learn from the pros

Compare athletes on your team against each other or against pro athletes from around the world to learn from the best.

Competition Logs

Automatically pull in athletes' competition logs to seamlessly connect competition results into training.

Social Sharing

Brag about your workout results to your friends by sharing on social media!

Personal Bests

Keep track of your personal bests so you can celebrate when you hit a new one!

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