TritonWear live feedback tiles

TritonWear Live (mobile app)

Automatically collect and view swimmers’ data as it happens. For coaches.

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Minimum software requirements:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Compatible iOS or Android device.
  • iOS: iPad 4 and later.
  • Android: Recommended 7”+ screen for best performance.

TritonWear online metrics tracking overview

TritonWear Insights (web app)

Track your workouts over time and compare swims to see if you (or the athletes on your team) are getting faster and more efficient.
For swimmers and coaches.

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Minimum software requirements:

All modern web browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari & Internet Explorer 10.0 and later.

TritonWear metrics tracking overview

Desktop App

Keep your devices running the latest firmware updates with this app. For coaches.

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Minimum software requirements:

OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) & Windows 7 and later.

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