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Club swimming is challenging:

  • Getting enough feedback is impossible with so many athletes and so few coaches

  • The daily grind is tough and wears down your motivation over time

  • Your competition is fierce, and they train just as hard as you - what can you do differently to get ahead?

  • Slow feedback on your program's effectiveness makes it hard to iterate if something isn't working

We help you excel all season:

  • Get personalized feedback each practice, even if your coach was busy with other swimmers

  • By keeping track of your own training you will learn more about yourself to make sure you stay on track

  • Clear visual feedback from daily training sessions makes it easy to stay engaged and motivated

  • Gain a competitive edge over your rivals by using TritonWear as your personal coach

Don’t take our word for it:

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Texas Ford Aquatics

Club Team • 700 swimmers • Houston, Texas

Issues they faced:

  • Too many athletes per coach: they weren’t able to give solid feedback for each athlete.
  • Difficult to see what was working in training, as they only had competition data to work with

Results from using TritonWear:

  • Now, even if the coach doesn’t spend time individually with them, each athlete can take away solid next steps for their training.
  • They now have instant, reliable feedback on what kind of training works for each athlete

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