Case Studies

Learn from what other are doing

Have you ever wondered how TritonWear customers have been able to break national records, get athletes recruited to top schools, increase athlete engagement or qualify for major competitions?

Here you will find a collection of our greatest success stories, with a complete review of how they were able to accomplish such amazing feats, and how you can replicate their success.

Ariel Brethren identified a weakness in the first leg of her breaststroke races, worked on this alone, and was able to win gold and qualify for the Norwegian national team.


Coach Jeremy Organ was able to generate higher engagement and increase the overall success of his team, through the use of TritonWear in their everyday training regime.


Texas Ford Aquatics

Texas Ford Aquatic club was able to overcome a common issues of too many athletes to coaches. They were able to create an heir of accountability and support so athletes could excel.