How we help NCAA & university teams


With a team built of mainly established competitors, the emphasis is on making incremental improvements, while maintaining the position each athlete, and team, has established.

This involves meticulous planning, and training, to ensure peak performance status when championships come around.

For this, teams tend to use TritonWear for a slightly different cause, helping to further the education of athletes, and maintain consistency in their performance, while making minor adjustments to gain as much improvement as possible, without taking the dreaded back-step.

How NCAA/University teams use it

an illustration of a swimmer in the water, a coach on deck, and a screen collecting data through the TritonWear system

Increasing coaching efficiency

Many teams are understaffed, so utilize TritonWear to increase efficiency of each coach on deck. Being able to track more information for each athlete, with less effort, allows them to better support the team overall.

Checking in on each swimmer

Monitoring pace work

Coaches use the tool to monitor that athletes are staying on pace during faster sets, and slowing down appropriately during rest sets or taper Athlete who fall outside of expected pace become immediately apparent.

Hold Athletes accountable

To manage scholarships, teams use TritonWear to confirm athletes are keeping up their end of the agreement. If athletes are not performing to expectation, either in attendance or effort, claw-backs can be applied.

Time for the weekly test set

Automate tracking test sets

Many teams use TritonWear to tag test sets of all shapes and sizes for easy comparison, to identify changes over time. Coaches and athletes alike monitor performance for consistency across all metrics over time. This ensures they are training to maintain performance while avoiding injury.

Recruiting attraction

Recruiting teams use TritonWear as evidence they are a forward thinking team. This helps attract better athletes to the team.

Monitor physical and mental load, for injury prevention and recovery

Using the TritonWear systems, teams have been able to track physical and mental load, to determine if each athletes require more output, rest or recovery time to stay in peak performance condition.

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