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Only swimmers know how complicated swimming is as a sport. With many technical areas to learn and perfect to gain even milliseconds on a race.

What if there was an easier way to determine what you need to do to shave time. What if you could focus on each component of a race independently, perfecting them in isolation to improve your overall performance.

With TritonWear you can. You will get to know the intricate details of stroke mechanics, and with clear visuals, be able to identify and address the areas that will give you the most improvement, first.

Say hello to smarter training.

Why athletes love it

swim coach feedback

Receive better feedback and more 1:1 time with coaches at practice

TritonWear collects a suite of metrics automatically, sending them in real time to connected screens on deck. This allows your coach to put down their stopwatches, and laser in on your technique, to help you improve more efficiently.

Gold medal

Become a superior athlete, by being a student of the sport

All top athletes are students of the sport, learning the intricate details of stroke mechanics to outperform the competition. Having access to your metrics long term enables you to gain this knowledge in a clear visual manner, making this learning easier.

Understand yourself better through training results

Tracking your data every day, you will quickly see how changes in technique and lifestyle affect your speed and efficiency in the pool. Bringing questions and feedback to your coach at each practice empowers you to address your specific weaknesses.

Motivated athletes

Stay motivated and keep training fun by tracking all your successes

Personal bests can take months to hit, with setbacks along the way. Keep motivation up by targeting different milestones, like maintaining a new DPS, or stroke index. Celebrating these small wins both keeps you engaged in training, and helps reach your next PB.

Learn from pros and personal heroes

Learn from the pros

See what sets the pros apart, by examining their race metrics and comparing them to your own results. Knowing where you are closest, and which metrics you need to improve to compete with the best in the sport offers new goal setting options.

Retire paper competition & PB logs

Set up auto-updates to automatically pull in your competition logs, and record PB’s from sanctioned meets. With digital logs, its no longer just a record, your progress is now visible in clear graphs so you can see how your training is impacting your meet results.

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