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As a parent, all you want for your child is to have fun, try their best, and be successful. You invest your time, and money, supporting their dreams, trying to instill the skills and habits they’ll need to succeed along the way.

You do all of this with limited insight. Meetings with coaches are limited, and it can be hard to tell if the skills are sticking. How can you be more certain they are getting what they need?

With TritonWear, you can track their progress at any time, without meeting with the coach. And the system helps develop those important skills. As they become better athletes, and students of the sport, scholarships come within reach, helping offset the cost of higher education.

Why Swim Parents love it

an illustration of a swimmer in water, a coach on deck with an iPad, sharing personalized feedback with the athlete, based on data collected by the TritonWear system

Better feedback & more 1:1 time with coaches for your athlete

Automating data collection enables coaches to spend more time watching and improving your athlete's technique. Access to more data points enables them to provide better feedback, more often, with advice tailored to help them improve faster.

Be confident your child is actively participating in practice

Access to TritonWear Insights enables you to quickly & easily understand what's happening in the pool. Empowering you to monitor attendance, effort and goal progress without having to scheduled time with the coach.

Athlete checking TritonWear metrics on mobile device.

Teach your athlete the art of accountability

Access to invaluable performance data on deck helps athletes see how their efforts impact performance. Reviewing workouts after practice will help your athlete hold themselves accountable for their every movement, in and out of the water.

Focus on cheering at meets, instead of recording race times

Connected directly to International ranking systems, TritonWear Insights syncs your athlete's competition results and PB's automatically, so you can track progress, without the manual effort.

Attract and wow recruiters, to get into top schools, with scholarships

As your athlete becomes a stronger competitor, they will earn the attention of recruiting experts. In interviews, your athlete can impress with knowledge of their metrics & training strategy, to secure top scholarships.

athlete asking question to coach

Instill habits like attention to detail & asking valuable questions

Requiring athletes to review workouts on TritonWear Insights, and bring ideas to train smarter to each practice, forces them to notice and question even the smallest change in their metrics.

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