How we help tri & masters athletes


Triathlete and Masters swimmers typically swim for completely different reasons. Masters either swim for fitness, or for continued competition after youth swimming. Triathletes are training to excel in 3 sports at once, where swimming may or may not be the preferred event.

For these athletes, the focus is on increasing efficiency across the board, to preserve energy. For Triathletes, ensuring there is gas in the engine for the second and third legs of the race. Fitness-minded masters swimmers are sustaining energy throughout practice, and hitting target training zones for cardio health. Finally competitive masters athletes are continuing to excel in their beloved events.

Whatever the reason, these athletes are more independent, so use the platform more individually, than as part of a broader team.

How Triathlon & Masters teams use it

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Identify target training zones

more mature athletes are able to identify their ideal hard, moderate and easy speeds, then target them during training sessions to improve cardio.

an illustration of a swimmer along with her DPS, Speed and a graph showing progress over time

Increase DPS in moderate swims

Triathletes focus on distance, where DPS is paramount in preserving energy for the other legs of the race. They use TritonWear to monitor progress in consistently increasing DPS as distance increases.

Maximize stroke rate on short / hard reps

Masters swimmers focused on sprint distances tend to focus more on maximizing stroke rate on short/hard reps. Helping them to prepare for sprint races during competitions.

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Ensure efforts match training plan and individual workouts

Both Masters and Triathlon athletes tend to train with little supervision, just a prescribed workouts. TritonWear helps these athletes stay accountable to themselves for executing their prescribed training plan accurately.

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Stay motivated between competitions

With fewer competition to participate in, it is easy for athletes to lose sight of their goals, especially in the off season. Athletes and coaches use TritonWear to monitor performance and progress so they are ready for competitions.

Finally measure training load effectively in all 3 sports

Using the TritonWear systems, athletes have been able to track physical and mental load, to determine if each athletes require more output, rest or recovery time to stay in peak performance condition.

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