How we help team management


Managing a team is one of the most rewarding positions, helping ensure youth have a program to develop them into well-rounded adults.

Whether you sit on a voluntary board for your local club, or run an entire athletics department, the challenges are similar. Attract the best talent and retain your rising stars, secure funding from donors, and show them the impact they are having, and many more.

With TritonWear, you have a new tool to help you address many of these challenges. A platform which will both grow your athletes capabilities, and help you attract new talent and donors to your team.

Welcome to smarter team management.

Why Team Managers love it

Attract the best athletes to your team

By offering the latest in swim tech to help athletes achieve greatness, you will become more desirable for top level athletes looking for a new team.

Reduce athlete turnover

by making practice more fun, and giving athletes the tools to remain motivated longer, you will have less athlete turnover. This means you can grow your team, rather than just maintaining its size

Dive deeper into swimmer metrics

Show investors the difference they are making

With clear visual graphs showing progress over time, you will be able to show all of your investors exactly how their contributions are impacting the team.

Gold medal

Win more meets & championships

With an analytical approach to coaching, athletes improve faster, helping you team win more meets, and qualify for more championship events.

multiple user access

Help all your coaches get more information, at the same time

Your coaches can all use the system simultaneously with multi-tablet support, giving them more access to personalized data for each athlete they are working with.

Checking in on each swimmer

Become a team to scout from

As your athlete becomes a stronger competitor, they will earn the attention of recruiting experts. In interviews, your athlete can impress with knowledge of their metrics & training strategy, to secure top scholarships.

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