How we help national federations


National teams tend to take a more scientific approach to training, with far more resources to pull from.

These teams tend to use TritonWear for identifying and perfecting stroke techniques, starts, turns, etc.

They also use it as a general load monitoring tool, with data scientists able to utilize the data to ensure athletes are training to maximize their performance without pushing too hard and risking injury.

How National teams use it

Dive deeper into swimmer metrics

Identify areas where small improvements will have big impact

Coaches and sports scientist have spent countless hours pouring over data to find the little pain points that cause major frustration and inhibit athlete progress.

Perfect starts, turns and relay takeovers

Teams often work on making finite adjustments to the timing on starts, turns and relay take overs. With elite athletes, it is possible to identify and adjust even the tiniest technique changes, to impact overall race times.

Monitor physical and mental load, for injury prevention and recovery

Using the TritonWear systems, teams have been able to track physical and mental load, to determine if each athletes require more output, rest or recovery time to stay in peak performance condition.

Coach checking TritonWear metrics on laptop

Interpreting competitor results from Race Analysis

Sports Scientists for national teams utilize TritonWear race analysis to understand exactly how the competition is executing their races, to learn from and augment their athletes to outperform them in the next event.

Checking in on each swimmer

Physiological adaptation

Being able to adhere to going hard or taking it easy in the right moments is paramount in athletic conditioning. Many teams use TritonWear data to ensure athletes remain in the right training zones at the right times.

Time for the weekly test set

Automate tracking index workouts, or test sets

Many teams use TritonWear to tag test sets of all shapes and sizes for easy comparison, to identify changes over time.

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