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As a coach, you are accountable to vitrually everyone who interacts with the team - Athletes, Parents, Boards or Athletic/Aquatic Directors. The job is hectic on a slow day, and unruly at a meet.

With this responsibilty comes pressure to deliver on the needs of each of these groups, vastly different as they may be. So mundane tasks like collecting data shouldn’t be a burden any longer.

By automating data collection, coaches can be more efficient, and effective, without needing to invest in additional support staff. This will keep athletes engaged, parents happy, and show the business folks you think about the bottom line.

Why Coaches love it

Handing out TritonWear devices

Seamlessly integrate TritonWear to your current training program

Just link each unit to an athlete on your tablet as they arrive for practice, then start the workout. The system will take over once you press start.

More time to focus on stroke mechanics

With accurate metrics being captured automatically for your whole team at once, your time is freed up to focus on the finer details of each athlete’s technique.

multiple user access

More information for each coach, at the same time

All coaches on deck can use the system simultaneously, focusing only on the athlete groups they are working with, using multi-tablet support.

swimming coach feedback

Give higher quality, personalized feedback

You effectively now have an assistant coach for each athlete (at a fraction of the cost) so you can base your feedback on hard, unbiased data, to increase training decision buy-in from your athletes.

swimmer metrics profile example

See the bigger picture for each of your athletes

Consistent and detailed data allows you to see exactly what impacts each athlete’s speed and efficiency, so you can iterate and improve based on what resonates with each of them.

Metrics tracking and comparison

Iterate and optimize your training program

Reviewing all of your athletes performance data on a regular basis allows you to test and iterate training programs regularly, resulting in more progress, faster, for your athletes.

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