How we help local clubs


For local club teams, the focus is on growing the younger swimmers into fierce competitors. With an emphasis on teaching proper technique, and only a small portion of the team dedicated to perfecting elite athletes.

For these teams, the key is in helping both athletes and coaches learn and grow in the sport, and to create solid habits both in and out of the water, to help shape little humans.

For this reason, the use of TritonWear tends to focus more on the education and accountability side, with a nod to perfecting high performance athletes technique and race strategy. These teams also are constantly fighting athlete burnout, so keeping the training fun is a bit focus, to keep athletes excited about training when personal improvements come slower and harder as they get older.

How Club teams use it

Help coaches learn from one another

Many club teams have younger coaches learning to be effictive in their leadership. Having access to data helps them perfect the art of coaching, learning from each others success and stumbles.

Teach age group athletes about stroke mechanics

Age group athletes are on the cusp of becoming high performance, getting them to focus on the technical aspects both helps identify those destined for greatness, as well as help all athletes gain a deeper understanding.

Athlete checking TritonWear metrics on mobile device.

Help high performance athletes hold themselves accountable

There aren’t always enough coaches to focus on all of the swimmers, especially in smaller clubs. Having a tool the older more experience swimmers can lean on to help them improve with minimal oversight is key in these clubs.

Increase competition, and excitement during practice

Projecting live results on a screen or wall instantly causes a sense of competition during practice, getting kids more engaged in their training, trying harder, and staying excited about practices.

Metrics tracking and comparison

Identify key areas of weakness in athletes who hit a wall on progress

For certain athletes, where the next PB is being elusive, teams have used TritonWear to pinpoint areas they can focus on. This has lead to sudden breakthroughs, new PB’s, competition wins and records.

Help athletes looking to be recruited prepare for interviews

As athletes mature in a club, they are often looking for their next home. Many teams have used TritonWear to help these athletes prepare for and secure scholarships at their desired schools.

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