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It’s time to get faster.
Fast Swimmers train well every day
Training Well is hard to do consistently
TritonWear empowers you to train well


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Your Triton Score ranks how well you train during each workout.
So you can adjust your Focus, Readiness, and Intensity.

The details that matter

The sleek Triton 2 captures training as you swim, with industry-leading accuracy. The intuitive app helps you identify where to focus. Dive deeper into details from anywhere, on any device.

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Personalized insights

See how well you train every day with Triton Score, based on trends from millions of swimming laps. Learn where you excel, and what's holding you back, with Readiness, Focus, and Intensity.

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Training to redefine your limits

Review and act on your personalized recommendations to improve your training. Set smart goals, and test and iterate techniques for skills improvement. Focus on iterative changes for long term results.

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Trusted globally by users from weekend warriors up to Olympic Gold Medalists - including 30+ National Olympic Federations!

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alain bernard


2-Time Olympic Champion, France

My Swimmers and I now rely on TritonWear for the insights we need to get faster.

kylie masse


2-Time World Champion, Canada

To be able to track my progress is extremely helpful for me to get that edge over my competitors.



High Performance Director, Swimming Canada

TritonWear has enabled our team to not only visualize our challenges but identify how to overcome them, it has been instrumental to our progress towards our 2020 goals.



The Tools That Power Performance

Take a glimpse into the powerful tools driving faster swimming around the world.


Live Training Data

Capturing training data enables the insights we provide to help you swim faster.

Training is captured live during each session if you want to see it.

Don't settle for anything but the best with the industry-leading accuracy delivered by the Triton 2.


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Triton Score

How well did you train today? Is your body healthy, did you execute your skills well, and how hard did you train.

Your Triton Score, found on your activities page for each workout, shows you how well you performed in 3 distinct areas - Focus, Readiness, and Intensity.

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How ready is your body to train today? Are you over or under training, or in the safe zone?

TritonWear helps keep your body healthy and ready to perform. It lets you know if you're on pace, or how much to adjust workouts.

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How well did you execute your skills? Where should you focus to have the most impact?

TritonWear helps you understand how you executed on 30+ metrics spanning over-water, under-water, and transitions.

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How intense was my training today? Do I need to amp it up or dial it back at my next workout?

With TritonWear you'll see how well balanced your workout was. So you know how hard to work out to optimize the time you spend training.

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